1 million square feet; 1,000 employees

Hudson River Moving & Storage has been providing daily moving and storage services to Google since 2010. In 2012 we shifted over 1,000 employees internally over a two day period, and in 2015 we moved 2,000 employees within one week. These complex and fast-paced moves were completed on time, within budget and to the complete satisfaction of the client.

​700,000 square feet; 1,500 employees

​Since 2010 Hudson River Moving & Storage has played a large role in this client's day-to-day moving needs, while also managing the inventory, storage, delivery and installation of furniture. Our team also works with the client to coordinate internal moves based on complicated construction timetables. we have successfully kept pace during a rigorous construction and moving schedule, while staying within budget.

"The team worked great today and delivered as expected. Regardless of all the extras we heaped on you, it went very well." – Senior Manager, Facilities  

major Projects

150,000 square feet; 850 employees

Hudson River Moving & Storage completed a two-phase project for the NYSE that included the packing, moving and unpacking of their library and central files, and the internal re-stack of 800 employees. We were able to successfully complete this project while adhering to the strict building, time and budgetary guidelines that accompany working in a high security environment.  

349,000 square feet; 1,200 employees and students

One of New York City's largest and prestigious institutions needed to be relocated to a new state-of-the-art facility near Lincoln Center. Hudson River Moving & Storage enlisted 25 trusted movers per day for an entire month to pack, move, and unpack office technology, personal contents, furniture and 1,000 library conveyors.

I greatly appreciated Hudson River Moving & Storage’s professionalism and helpfulness during the move. They were incredibly responsive, accommodating and considerate. The Project Manager was personable despite the large amount of people and requests he was dealing with daily.” – employee of client

“I have nothing but praise for your Project Managers. They were extraordinarily available, open, communicative, and attentive. Their optimism and energy buoyed us all. The movers were careful, respectful, hardworking, efficient, and kind. Thank you for making our move so successful.”

– Associate Librarian


200,000 square feet; 650 employees

​Over the course of two weeks Hudson River Moving & Storage enlisted 35 movers per day to pack, move, and unpack over 100 truckloads of technology, files and clothing samples. Our team's due diligence ensured that the project was completed within the specified time frame, while coming in under budget.   

200,000 square feet; 500 employees​

​Another one of our clients since 2010, Hudson River Moving & Storage was contracted to facilitate the relocation of 500+ employees including their files, technology, furniture and personal contents. This move was across four locations in five boroughs of New York, and needed to be conducted in a manner that allowed departments to maintain operation during transition. Following the move we liquidated and disposed of over 75 truckloads of furniture and debris.  This complex move was completed to the client's complete satisfaction, on time and within the proposed budget.

105,000 square feet; 80 employees

With only five days notice Hudson River Moving & Storage successfully relocated over 40 partners and associates from one law practice to a new firm. As part of the integration we needed to repopulate a full floor including the packing and unpacking of all personnel, furniture and common area files.

"Your Project Managers and team are great! The job went very smoothly. You guys are the best." – Director of Operations